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William Moxon Bean bapt. 23 February 1832

William Moxon Bean was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. He emigrated to Melbourne in the colony of Victoria probably before 1855.


Certificate of baptism 23 April 1832, prepared 3 August 1881

His travel journal (4.7MB) from 1851 when he and two colleagues spent seven weeks travelling through France, Holland and Belgium.

His (pre-nuptial) agreement (4.6MB) with his future son-in-law regarding his daughter Clara Louisa Bean's personal posessions. (Plain text)

Original of marriage certificate - William Moxon Bean and Mary Wood m. 24 April 1855

Right of burial in Ballarat Old Cemetery, dated 19 June 1887 (William died on 17 December 1887)

Will dated 29 June 1885


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