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Corina Silvana Troncoso is seeking to discover her great grandfather's name. Corina's great-grandfather (first name at this stage unknown) emigrated from England to Argentina with his wife Mary Edgel. Corina's grandfather was Federico Corbould, who died aged 34.  
The biggest branch of the Corbould family in Australia is descended from William Corbould who emirated from Bath England to Ballarat in 1858. A second branch of the family in Australia is descended from Ernest Edward Corbould, who emigrated from England c.1880. A third branch of the family lives in Perth.  
There are members of the Corbould family from east to west in Canada. As far as is known, all Corboulds in Canada are descended from Charles Corbould who emigrated to Canada c.1838. Charles and his wife Mary (nee Durie) had five children, all born in York (Toronto).  
The recorded, written history of the Corbould family begins in Suffolk, England c.1395. The folklore is that the family is descended from the Vikings (or maybe Danish settlers who followed the Vikings). There are still many Corbould family members residing in England.  
Only one Corbould family (Anthony Corbould-Warren) is known in New Zealand.  
The only known members of the Corbould family resident in USA are in Los Angeles.  
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