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DNA testing results

Thirteen DNA Y-46 male chromosome test results are available. The tested individuals were:

6 Corbould males
3 Gorbold/Gorbould males
4 Cobbold males

Click here to see the detailed results of the tests. All individual identities are hidden.

  • Three Corbould males and one Gorbold/Gorbould male are very similar to each other, indicating a common ancestor
  • The other three Corbould males are very similar to each other, but as a group show a slight variance to the above four males - reason not yet determined
  • The remaining two Gorbold/Gorbould males are almost identical to another, but quite different to the above seven males
  • All of the above nine males are of the R1b haplogroup
  • The four Cobbold males are virtually identical, but quite different again to all of the above nine males. The four Cobbold males are of the I2a haplogroup

Click here to see how the thirteen tested males are related to one another.

The DNA swabs from the thirteen participating males were analysed by a laboratory contracted to the genealogical website.

The Wikipedia website provides an excellent explanation of the haplogroup concept. See R1b haplogroup and I2a haplogroup.

We have tried without success to gain access to the results of DNA testing of Corbould and other Norfolk and Suffolk people conducted by anthropologist and author Julian Richards and the BBC for the BBC 2001 television documentary and book Blood of the Vikings[1]. Emails to three of the participating experts have not been answered. That is a pity because the 2001 results would have provided additional data to further examine the relationships between branches of the Corbould family.

[1]ISBN 0 340 73385 3 - see in particular pages 186 and 243