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Harold Signell Corbould b. 14 May 1886

Harold Signell Corbould, who lived his entire life in Mildura Victoria except during his teenage schooling years, was a less prominent figure than either his father Robert Rutter or his uncle William Henry.

One reason why Harold Signell is included in this family website is the fact that at the age of 7, then again at age 13, his parents had his vocational ability and moral standards assessed by an expert. "By what type of expert?" one might ask. Well, by a phrenologist, a person who might be considered a cross between a crystal ball gazer and a vocational guidance officer. Click here to see what Cecil W P Poole and Professor Albert J Abbott each concluded about Harold Signell: age 7 (1.5MB) and age 13 (4.6MB) !

Although his grandmother's maiden name has been confirmed as Signall, Harold's middle name was registered as Signell in the Births, Deaths and Marriages records of the colony of Victoria

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Harold Signell
Corbould c.1904