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Tips on searching The Corbould Genealogy

The entire contents of the book The Corbould Genealogy have been scanned at high resolution and then converted to searchable text using Adobe Acrobat. In all, in a single downloadable file of 9.3MB, there are 174 searchable pages, including two colour plate pages and the two black and white c.1610 county maps of Norfolk and Suffolk originally presented on the end pages of the book.

The purpose of this webpage is to give users tips on how to search the book.

Searching for text: Keep your search string as short as possible. The reason is that the character recognition was not 100% accurate. As an example, although on the screen Mendlesham might appear as just that, the underlying searchable text may store this place name as Mendle sham or Mend lesham . Thus if you wish to find all references to Mendlesham, it is best to use, for example, Mend or esham. As well, try to pick a subset of letters that will, for instance, find Mendlesham but not Haversham.

Searching for dates: In the book, the character most often used for the number 1 was what we would today consider to be a small upper case letter I. So in the book, as printed, 1768 appears as I768. When the dates were converted to searchable text, sometimes the 1 in a date was stored as the letter "I" and the other numbers as numerals. Thus if searching for a date containing the numeral 1, whether it be a day (13) or a year (1823), remember that the search result may not be perfectly accurate. If searching for 1823, search for 823 not 1823.

The Suffolk Institute of Archæology has granted permission to publish the full contents of The Corbould Genealogy on this website.

When the button below is clicked, your computer will begin to download the 9.3 MB pdf file immediately, and it will appear as a pdf document in a new browser window. If you are not using a broadband connection, the complete download might take a long time - eg 60 minutes at 28 kb/s.

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