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The recorded history for the Corbould family begins with Richard Corbold. He was born c.1395, probably in Suffolk, England. His exact birthplace is not known.

Richard lived in Horham in Suffolk. There is a record of a lawsuit between Richard Corbold and Sir William Brandon in 1440.

A short distance away in nearby Occold, William Corbald was born c.1450. We presume William was Richard's son, although he may have been Richard's grandson, nephew or grand-nephew. William Corbald and his wife Joanna are buried in the churchyard of St. Michael's and All Saints church in Occold, and there is a brass in memory of William and Joanna in the aisle of that church (see below right).

From William Corbald onwards, there is a continuous record of the family's members. In 1935, the Suffolk Institute of Archæology published The Corbould Genealogy written by George B C Poulter. Mr Poulter had painstakingly researched the Corbould family's history and records to produce a text of commanding breadth and detail. That book is available for download, in whole or in sections. The contents are fully text-searchable using Acrobat Reader.

This website also contains additional genealogical information that post-dates the Poulter book. This information is available for download as a GEDcom text file, which may be imported into a range of genealogical software programs. The GEDcom file, since Jan 2011, contains the names of every person[1] in The Corbould Genealogy, plus information up to the present day.

The genealogical information is supplemented by biographical information about individual members of the family. Also provided are the results of DNA testing of thirteen males from various countries (identities are not revealed).

Some members of the Corbould family residing in England were active as professional artists from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. The work of some of these artists is described and/or displayed on this website.

It is likely that people in England and elsewhere with the family name Gorbold, Gorbould or Garbold are descended from the same forebears as those with the name 'Corbould', 'Corbald', 'Corbold' or 'Courbould''. There is possibly an ancestral link with people with the family name 'Cobbold', but male DNA testing results show that there is no common Corbould and Cobbold male ancestor.

[1] Excluding chapters XIV Banfather family and XV Way family


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